Steve Colwell
stevecolwell at codewell but .net not .com.

Career focus: to design, develop, and deliver innovative software.

Summary: a career of producing high-performance products, with extensive experience in search, database, 3-D graphics, networking, compression, Java, C++, assembly, optimization, and UX.

Skills include top-notch communication abilities, fluid problem solving, ability to work well under pressure, persistence, and good judgement.

Managerial skills include strategic planning, balancing requirements, motivating a team, incremental delivery, tactical efficiency when appropriate, and effective communication with non-development departments.

Year Company Project Responsibilities Team
Language; Platform
CodeWell* Design and development Architect & team lead 1-15 Java, C++, JavaScript, C#,
SQL, asm, perl;
Win, Mac, iOS, Unix
'96 Worlds* Internet 3-d virtual reality Architect & team lead 8 Java; Win32
Knowledge Adventure* Multimedia language
& development environment
Architect & team lead 5 C++, 68k & x86 asm;
Win32, Mac
'92 KA* Movie/sound compression Senior developer 3 C; Win 3.x
'91 Lotus* Graphical shell Co-arch & co-lead 2 C; DOS
'90 Lotus* Magellan 2.0 Co-arch & co-lead 4 C & x86 asm; DOS, Win3.0
'89 Lotus* Internationalized Magellan Co-arch & co-lead 2 C; DOS
'88 Lotus* Utility to find and view files Co-arch & co-lead 4 C & x86 asm; DOS
SRS Speech recognition Lead researcher
& lead programmer
8 C & 68k asm; Sun Unix
'84 TRW Relational database in Ada Co-arch & co-lead 2 Ada; Sun Unix
'83 TRW Text search hardware Programmer 4 C; Sun Unix
'82 SDS* Full-featured spreadsheet Sole developer 1 Palm asm; IBM 5110
'81 Caltech 64-line PBX Sole SW developer 3 6502 asm; custom
'81 SDS* Printer converter device Sole developer 1 6800 asm; custom
'80 SDS* Hard disk interface Sole developer 1 Palm asm; IBM 5110
'79 SDS Full-featured word processor Sole developer 1 Palm asm; IBM 5110
'78 SDS Reverse-engineer 5110 asm Sole developer 1 Palm asm; IBM 5110
* = developed and used a set of remote management techniques.
The links in the table above lead to an associated document that gives details of my job history.

Education: BS with honors from Caltech in '83.

U.S. Patent #5,303,361: Search and retrieval system
U.S. Patent #7,370,035: Methods and systems for search indexing
U.S. Patent #7,424,510: Methods and systems for Web-based incremental searches
U.S. Patent #7,496,559: Apparatus and methods for locating data
U.S. Patent #9,659,058: Methods and Systems for Federation of Results from Search Indexing

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